Feb 02, 2017

Feb. 2 Press Release: Eastern Iowa Area Educators Campaign for State Support

Local superintendents Tim Kuehl, John Speer, Mark Dohmen, Steve Murley - with AEA Chief Administrator Joe Crozier and legislators Dave Jacoby and Bob Dvorsky in Des Moines.

Local superintendents will be among more than 150 education leaders at the Iowa Capitol Thursday, united in their vocation and in their request for Iowa legislators to attend to the needs of the state’s students.

“Our focus isn’t just on extending our hand and requesting the state’s financial support,” said Steve Murley, Iowa City superintendent, one of the superintendents attending today’s event. “What we need is an audience with our legislators to help them understand today’s realities in Iowa classrooms. While we’re celebrating the highest graduation rates in the nation, and building our state’s next generation of leaders, we’re also facing increased transportation costs, growing disparities in home life and student behaviors from what we’ve seen in the past, and new dynamics that complicate the business of educating students.

"We’re asking for Iowa’s legislators to listen with the goal of understanding, and show us that they will prioritize their support for our students. The proposed level of Supplemental State Aid will force us to look at reducing opportunities for our students, and will impact everything from staffing to programming,” he added.

Wearing yellow buttons with #keepingthepromise, a reference to the statewide Promise of Iowa public education campaign, representatives from every Area Education Agency, from the School Administrators of Iowa, and from more than 150 public school districts will be speaking to legislators about the demands of public education and the legislators’ support of their work. These educators will be armed with local data that show the potential impacts on their schools and their students if the legislature approves the proposed funding of 1.1% Supplemental State Aid that’s currently being considered.

Districts from East Central Iowa scheduled to have representatives in attendance include Center Point Urbana, College Community, Cedar Rapids, Lisbon, Springville, North Cedar, North Linn, Vinton-Shellsburg and Williamsburg.

“With this united outreach opportunity, we welcome the opportunity to help legislatives understand the impact of their decisions on the families and children in their respective districts,” said Brent Siegrist, Executive Director of Iowa Area Education Agencies.

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