Making a Mark with Media Resources

Grant Wood AEA Media Center Resources Support Variety of School Needs

With almost 17,000 unique titles available for checkout from the Media Center, it’s not surprising that usage and benefits vary for different educators. Let’s take a peek at some responses from educators about the benefits of the Media Center collections:

• “Once items have been piloted in classrooms, then we are able to make informed purchasing decisions.”
• “I LOVE having the multiple copy book sets. It can be difficult to find or pay for multiple copies to run literature groups.”
• “I can read books from the professional collection first and then decide if they are worthy enough to purchase.”
• “There are different ability levels.”
• “The materials focus on relevant topics.”
• “The Grant Wood Media Center collections are my first stop when I am in need of teaching materials. These materials extend my classroom library and provide me with books and DVDs that I can use that I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.”

These same educators report using resources in the following ways:
• “As part of our reading curriculum.”
• “I use various resources for supplemental groups (e.g. fluency, comprehension).”
• “As resources to Social Studies and Science instruction.”
• “I have used the boxed book sets for novel group studies.”
• “I have ordered several kits for fluency and comprehension work for my intervention groups.”
• “Most recently my students did a biography project and students chose from the many biography book sets.”
• “The multiple copies of books are perfect for my small guided reading groups.”
• “Other sets of books allow me to change my classroom library frequently, keeping the students interested in new books.”
• “The professional books allow me a chance to improve upon by craft. Many times I have heard different researchers recommended or quoted by others during a professional development class and it is nice to be able to dig a little deeper into this inquiry.”
• “I am always trying to get ideas on how to successfully differentiate my curriculum for struggling students, so a lot of the materials were to help me get ideas.”
• “For grade level reading book clubs and students with IEPs.”
• “My students use the GWAEA resources to write their ancient cultures research reports and their animal multi-genre research reports.”

Do you have a specific need for resources in your classroom? Contact Deanna Weber, GWAEA media specialist, or 319-399-6454, for assistance.