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Saturday Snippets: Voice & Choice

Encouraging voice and choice in blended and personalized learning environments
Blended Learning is using technology as part of an integrated

Saturday Snippets: Using Technology to Engage Students

ch Erikka Vosmek and Laura Musser will cover blended learning topics for administrative audiences AND educ

Saturday Snippets: Online Math Resources

sed last week's Snippet on math standards in blended learning you can find it here. Educators have ac

Saturday Snippets: Math Standards in Blended Learning

Math Standards in Blended Learning It is February… That means a new month of blended learning Snippets

Saturday Snippets: NGSS in Blended Learning

Laura and Amber's final Snippet on science in blended learning!
NGSS in Blended Learning It has been a great month of sharing …demonstrating useful knowledge on science in blended learning. If you missed any of this month