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GAAD Series - #a11y in Education

Grant Wood AEA has hosted a series of blog posts on accessi…mit to building that practice by recording a Grant Wood AEA GAAD FlipGrid video with the stem

GAAD Series - Let's Get Social!

. Grant Wood AEA has been hosting a series of blog posts to c…orrow is Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Grant Wood AEA challenges you to ensure your next social me

Resources to support mathematics instruction

Teachers have the difficult journey of ensuring that their students learn the grade level content. Here are a few resources that may be helpful in your ques
please contact your Grant Wood AEA math consultant if you have questions or nee… Grant Wood AEA Summer Math Professional Learning Courses

GAAD Series - Designing with P-O-U-R

Grant Wood AEA will be rolling out … 2019. Images have been altered to reflect Grant Wood AEA colors. Content created by G

GAAD Series - It's as Easy as ABC

ay tuned. Content created by Grant Wood AEA staff member Maggie Pickett and is licensed

Grant Wood AEA Leadership Announcements

Grant Wood AEA Leadership Announcements Grant Woo… formerly a Grant Wood AEA programs…s held progressive leadership positions with Grant Wood AEA for more than 20 years including work as a s

DLGWAEA 4Cs Summer Camp

Looking to reignite your spark? We want to help!
The Grant Wood AEA Digital Learning Team 4Cs Summer Camp is des… Grant Wood AEA is excited to welcome back Craig Badura as o