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ClassLink: One Login to Access the Perfect Nonfiction Texts

Many teachers are looking for articles and nonfiction texts. ClassLink is a single-sign on option that provides access to all of Grant Wood AEA's nonfiction resources.
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Access to Video Content Just Got Easier with ClassLink

Now by logging on to Classlink with their school email account or scanning their Classlink QuickCard, students will see a page with icons for all of the GWAEA Online Resources.

Online Resource Updates

As we constantly try to improve what we do to support our schools, educators, and learners, so do the creators of online resources in which we subscribe! Here are a few updates from AP Newsroom, ClipArt, and NBC Learn.

New Professional Titles

The Media Center still has physical books that may be reserved online and delivered to school districts served by Grant Wood Area Education Agency. Check out these new professional books or see our other new professional titles.
New Professional Titles The Media Center still has physical books that may be reserve

Materials to Support Learners and Their Teachers: Longer Checkouts This Year

We appreciate items being returned to the Media Center on time to make cleaning and redistributing to other school districts timely and effective. In an effort to make this easier, we have added additional days to the majority of the items we loan.
ger Checkouts This Year The Grant Wood AEA Media Center provides collections to enhance learning for… educators and students. These Media Center resources supplement learning for more than

New Online Math Resources

To support blended and distance learning, the GWAEA math team reviewed and recommended the use of three powerful learning resources; Mathalicious, StrADDegy, and K-5 Math.

Introducing Classlink

ClassLink is a single sign on tool that allows students and educators to log in one time and use any Grant Wood AEA online resource with no additional login.