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Leading to Improve Secondary MTSS - Administrator Session

This zoom workshop is an opportunity for building and district administrators to learn from Judy Elliot, MTSS expert.
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Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health First Aid is designed to teach teachers, school staff, community members, health and human service workers, parents, family members, caregivers, and other caring citizens how to help adolescents and elementary aged children who are experienc…

FOSS Webinars

The Grant Wood AEA VAST Center and The Eastern Iowa Science Collaborative are excited to partner with FOSS and the Lawrence Hall of Science to provide an opportunity to support teaching FOSS remotely.

Unit-Specific Hybrid Workshops (Winter 2021)

Teachers will learn practical elements of enacting a curriculum and the implementation of a Framework for K-12 Science Education.
Upcoming professional learning experiences include synchronous and asynchro

Dynamic Digital Instruction

Professional learning opportunity. The focus will be on best practices in virtual adult learning, engagement strategies, and application of learning.

Virtual Trainings from Steve Gill

Steve Gill is a teacher and school psychologist. He currently works as the educational staff coach supporting school psychologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and physical therapists.
al Trainings From Steve Gill Upcoming Professional Learning Opportunities The ELL Critical Data Pro

Behavior Basics - Online

This training is intended for staff who support students with behavior needs.

Transitioning From the Traditional: Moving Professional Learning to a Virtual Environment

This training session teaches best practices in delivering professional learning opportunities, now in a virtual environment.
Moving Professional Learning to a Virtual Environment Courses … Moving Professional Learning to a Virtual Environment…rant Wood AEA consultants who are delivering professional learning opportunities

Child & Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

Trainers are available through Grant Wood AEA to provide Child & Youth Mental Health First Aid training in your district.