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Tips for Building Successful School Transitions to Empower & Connect Students

We often know that transitions can be challenging for some students, but do we truly know how much all of those ‘moving pieces’ can spike anxiety in our students? This resource sheet provides tips that can support their success.
SLP GWAEA Autism Consultant

STAR Autism Program Training

STAR Autism Program Training March 27… course will be presented by staff from STAR Autism Support. Audience… STAR Autism Consultant Registration https

Parent resource for ASD

page for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their Families. On thi

Using a Social Story to Explain Halloween

can be a challenging time for children with autism spectrum disorders … from the Indiana Resource Center for Autism Want more information

Family Lunch-and-Learn Series

Supports & Strategies for Children with Autism at Home and in the Community
Strategies for Children with Autism at Home and in the Community Presented by… and Grant Wood AEA Autism Consultants https…FEPautismLL The webinars will be held from 11

Tricks, not Treats: Helping A Sensory-Sensitive Child at Halloween

You are the caregiver and you know what works best for the kiddo in your life. Here are some tips from one mom on how to help lessen a child's anxiety this Halloween.
ive Child at Halloween Notes from a GWAEA autism consultant and mom Kelli Robertson is a tra… and is currently a GWAEA autism consultant and assistive technology coach. S

Local Learning

Local Learning Your GWAEA Autism Team provides ongoing learning opportunities… local students with autism come to our GWAEA site…Building Our Autism Strategy Toolboxes

Video Learning for Educators

that the neurology of autism can make it difficult for these learners to … Teaching Students with Autism in the Inclusive Classroom.

Quick Tips & Huge Time-Savers​

Autism Circuit Tools page
Savers Autism Circuit Tools page Description… The Autism Circuit group out of Texas has created FREE

Evidence Based Practices in Autism

New to autism spectrum disorders in the schools and unsure of where to start?
Evidence Based Practices in Autism Manual…g Appropriate Interventions to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder … from The National Autism Center Description