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Pear Deck Course & Resources

All teachers and students in Grant Wood AEA now have access to Pear Deck! Resources and professional learning available.

FOSS Webinars

The Grant Wood AEA VAST Center and The Eastern Iowa Science Collaborative are excited to partner with FOSS and the Lawrence Hall of Science to provide an opportunity to support teaching FOSS remotely.

Unit-Specific Hybrid Workshops (Winter 2021)

Teachers will learn practical elements of enacting a curriculum and the implementation of a Framework for K-12 Science Education.

Dynamic Digital Instruction

Professional learning opportunity. The focus will be on best practices in virtual adult learning, engagement strategies, and application of learning.

Special Presentation from Jessica Minahan: Practical Strategies for Reducing Anxiety in the Classroom

With up to one in three children struggling with anxiety in this country, adults require practical, effective and easy to implement strategies to support their students. In the time of COVID-19, anxiety has become ever-present in students of all ages.

Coaching for Learner Variability

Participants will explore their own learning variabilities and recognize that there is no average learner. With this broader vision, participants will connect brain science to mindsets, then explore their own and teacher mindsets about variable learners.…

Virtual Trainings from Steve Gill

Steve Gill is a teacher and school psychologist. He currently works as the educational staff coach supporting school psychologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and physical therapists.

BOAST Seminar Recordings

Grant Wood Area Education Agency's autism team members have created Zoom-based webinar sessions that can be accessed on demand.

Behavior Basics - Online

This training is intended for staff who support students with behavior needs.