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Track Special Ed and IEP Timelines

The timelines associated with IEPs can be hard to track. This reference guide helps highlight some of the most common.
Keeping Track A quick reference of special education timelines and requirements In Iowa… the Area Education Agency Special Education Procedures manual contains detailed

IEP Training for New Special Education Teachers

IEP Training for New Special Education Teachers These links provide important …information regarding IEP training for new special education staff. Included are directions for both the

2017 Building Bridges Assistive Technology Conference

The Building Bridges: Assistive Technology Conference will provide an opportunity to see first hand the latest in assistive technologies (AT), practices, and services for school-age students with disabilities.
General and Special Education Teachers

Grant Wood AEA Job Readiness Fair

Grant Wood AEA will host a Job Readiness Fair on Jan. 31, 2017, a demonstration-based learning event that will apply career education lessons from the classroom. The event is open to teams of 10th and 11th grade special education students, accompanied by …