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Grant Wood AEA Seminar Series 2017-18

Building Teacher Efficacy Through Professional Learning and Collaborative Conversations with Steve Barkley

STAR Autism Program Training, Nov. 15-16, 2017

The STAR Autism Program teaches children with autism the critical skills identified by the 2001 National Research Council.

Leading the Learning: Enhancing Math Teaching K-5

Join Susan O'Connell for a professional development session that supports your ways to enhance math teaching and learning, and increases your repertoire of teaching and coaching skills.

Introduction to Iowa's Social Studies Standards, Year 1 for grades 6-12

A two-day workshop where participants will learn about Iowa's new social studies standards and the instructional shifts needed in order to best implement those standards.

Next Gen Iowa Core Science Standards

Grant Wood AEA Science Professional Development: "Using Instructional Models to Implement Iowa CORE/Next Gen Science;" Third cohort added