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Updated Digital Posters and Bookmarks

Grant Wood Area Education Agency’s Media Center is pleased to share digital posters and bookmarks that are updated with our newest online resources.
d bookmarks that are updated with our newest online resources. These tools may support and promote the use… of the online resources with staff…condary. Each provides information about all online resources and includes recommended grade levels for us

Nonfiction for Educators seeking professional or personal growth

The EBSCO and GALE databases provide anytime/anywhere access to all of the journal titles that used to be in the media center!

ClassLink: One Login to Access the Perfect Nonfiction Texts

Many teachers are looking for articles and nonfiction texts. ClassLink is a single-sign on option that provides access to all of Grant Wood AEA's nonfiction resources.

Online Resource Updates

As we constantly try to improve what we do to support our schools, educators, and learners, so do the creators of online resources in which we subscribe! Here are a few updates from AP Newsroom, ClipArt, and NBC Learn.
so do the creators of the online resources in which we subscribe

Materials to Support Learners and Their Teachers: Longer Checkouts This Year

We appreciate items being returned to the Media Center on time to make cleaning and redistributing to other school districts timely and effective. In an effort to make this easier, we have added additional days to the majority of the items we loan.
our GWAEA Online Resources are available anytime

Swing into Reading with BookFLIX, TrueFLIX and TumbleBook

safe online resources for PreK… three of the AEA Online Resources. Grades PreK… and TumbleBook are among the 27 AEA Online Resources available to all students

Building a Love for Reading

Our second graders can easily navigate online resources. The tabs are colorful and easy to access. S…LIX and TrueFLIX are two of Grant Wood AEA's Online Resources.