Content Area Resources

Grant Wood Area Education Agency strives to improve teaching and learning by providing quality educational programs and services that not only meet the current and emerging needs of students and educators, but also make a measurable difference in student learning.

Our curriculum, instruction and assessment services for schools address, at a minimum, reading, language arts, mathematics and science. They include support in establishing standards, collecting and analyzing student achievement and learning climate data, and using this information to improve student learning.

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GWAEA has reading and language arts consultants who can provide building-wide professional development, assistance with curriculum development, support for selecting materials, models of instructional approaches and ongoing consultant in reading, writing, speaking and listening for K-12 students.

Literacy Resources
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Grant Wood AEA Math team provides ongoing support to schools and districts in the area of Mathematics through positive collaborative relationships, with the belief that every student can learn, and a focus on improvement in the area of Math.

Mathematics Resources
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GWAEA’s science consultants partners with educators to create high-quality science learning environments through the provision of well-designed curriculum, professional development for teachers and administrators, classroom materials, assessment strategies, and development of multiple networks of support.

Science Resources
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Section 504 Guidance

The Iowa Department of Education has a helpful guide to understanding Section 504 for parents, and GWAEA provides resources for educators related to Section 504 that also may be helpful for parents as well.

Access Section 504 Information
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Digital and Instructional Technology

Grant Wood AEA staff can help enhance classroom teaching and student learning with the use of technology.

Digital and Instructional Technology
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Special Education Services and Resources

Our staff are experts in a variety of fields that can help educators reach all learners of varying abilities.

Special Education Services and Resources
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English Language Learners

Our GWAEA English Language Learners Resource team has research-based curriculum suggestions to help educators support ELL students.

ELL Services
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Adapted Physical Education Services and Physical Education Resources

All students who receive special education services must receive instruction in physical education. Great physical education teachers, using curricula tied to national standards, employing appropriate and evidenced-based instructional practices, is foundational to adapting physical education for ALL learners.

Access Adapted PE Resources
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Autism Resources

Access resources to support students with and IEPs to help support individuals in the autism spectrum and the staff working with them.

Access Autism Resources
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Social Studies

A GWAEA consultant provides support and links for social studies education.

Social Studies Resources

Additional Resources:

Iowa Dyslexia Resources