Learning Environment

In a traditional classroom setting:

  • The teacher assigned learning positions (desks and rows)
  • Teacher dictates movement & classroom structure. Teacher determines what students learn & when they learn.
  • The teacher is the keeper of the knowledge. Collaborative knowledge construction is absent.

In a personalized classroom environment:

  • The physical learning space is conducive to personalized learning. Learners have choice in selecting learning areas that best match their learning outcomes (using technology when necessary).
  • Routines & procedures facilitate learner ownership & independence through learner understanding of what they need to learn & when/how they need to learn. (facilitator checkpoints face-to-face or through online mediums)
  • Classroom culture reflects values of community, inclusivity, equity, and accountability for learning. The facilitator embraces a culture of collaboration and risk-taking. Learner exhibits a growth mindset and embraces failure as an opportunity for learning.