Behavior Supports from GWAEA

Grant Wood AEA has a multi-tiered system of supports in place to support educators and students, and Grant Wood AEA staff are assigned regionally and connected to specific districts and buildings. Parents interested in learning more about behavior supports for their child should connect with their child's teacher or building administrator.

For Educators: How To Make a Request to the Challenging Behavior Support Team (CBST)

  • Requests for consultation to the team will be coordinated through AEA building-based staff. These staff will work with school teams to facilitate making the request for behavior supports consultation. Requests for consultation will be scheduled in the order received. Once a request for consultation and supporting documents have been received, the CBST will contact you to notify you of possible timelines for an initial team meeting.
  • Accepted requests for consultation are those of students who have an FBA and BIP that have been updated within the previous two calendar years. If the FBA and BIP have not been updated within the past two years, this will need to be done prior to submitting a request for consultation. Your behavior coach can assist you with this process as needed.

    Documentation needed to request behavior consultation

    Please have your GWAEA building contact send the following to or Dawn Hrabak at 4401 6th St SW Cedar Rapids, IA.
  • Request for Consultation Form
  • IEP
  • FBA
  • BIP
  • Any additional behavior data

Additional Information and Resources