Support for students learning English as a second language

The Grant Wood Area Education Agency English Language Learners (ELL) Resource Team answers questions related to learning English as a second language. On-site observations and consultation, staff development or referrals to other resources will be provided when appropriate.

AEA Resources

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Access AEA resources to support English Language Learners through our Media Center Catalog using the following tips:


ELP Standards
The ELP Standards help ELLs acquire the content knowledge and English proficiency to be successful in school.

Required Assessments
The ELPA21 Summative Assessment is the growth measure used to assess English language proficiency.

District Resources
Many resources are available to districts to support English Learners, their teachers and their families.

Teacher Resources
Supports are available for teachers in the areas of assessments, student materials, and classroom strategies.

Parent Resources
Resources are available for parents and guardians as they work to support the success of their children in our schools.

Preschool Resources
English Learners in preschool and the professionals that support them have specific needs and concerns.

Math Resources
Resources to help teachers of math support English Learners to fully participate and achieve high levels in math.

Science, Social Studies
Supports and scaffolding for Science and Social Studies and other content area classes.

Office of Civil Rights
The Office of Civil Rights provides guidance on issues regarding the education of English Language Learners.

AEA Resources
Our Grant Wood AEA Media Center has a variety of resources for check-out, both for student use and for professional learning.

Professional Learning
Grant Wood AEA Professional Learning offers opportunities to enhance educator skills and practices and improve student learning.