Feb 07, 2017

AEA PD Online's 28 Days of OLLIE
Personal Learning Paths-Student Personalized Learning Scenario

The Student Personalized Learning System is a way to deliver content to students in a flexible manner. It provides a way to make sure that all of the students have access to the same information about the concept(s). The system can also help monitor and assess what content students have completed.

Consider this scenario:
After reviewing your students' learner profiles, you discover that your student Beth, a high school junior, is really interested in culinary arts. While conferencing with her you suggest that she explore some of the modules on the SPLS. There she will find modules that will help her demonstrate competency around knowledge and skills related to culinary arts...an area that she is passionate about...and assist her in meeting core content area standards.

Beth can access the SPLS to select and complete content/tasks/assessments that will help build her portfolio. She can share the portfolio with her current advisors and the college recruiters in hopes that she can move more efficiently towards her goal of becoming a chef.

In this scenario, Beth is able to select modules that align with her interests and her needs. She can choose content, tasks, and assessments that align with her goals. As she completes these modules she can upload artifacts to her portfolio. The portfolios can be shared with k-12 teacher and help them earn credit towards graduating. Students can also share it with college recruiters or even possible employers to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

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