Feb 10, 2017

The Student Personalized Learning System is a way to deliver content to students in a flexible manner. It provides a way to make sure that all of the students have access to the same information about the concept(s). The system can also help monitor and assess what content students have completed.

Consider this scenario:

Diane is a junior in high school. She has elected to participate in the aspiring professionals program with a focus in the area of communication. She is excited because she has recently accepted an internship at the local news station.

During the weekday mornings she will have a "traditional" schedule. She will attend physical education, government, band, and Algebra. However, her afternoons will be focused on her work with the aspiring professionals program.

  • Monday: Meet with other students in the aspiring professionals program and her advisor
  • Tuesday-Thursday: Spend time at the news station working on projects as assigned
  • Friday: Engage in learning that supports her work at the news station

Several weeks into her internship, Diana has been asked to write copy for an upcoming news story. While she has been watching others do this work, she feels a bit unsure about her writing. She would like some guidance on writing news stories, but realizes that it is too late to sign up for the journalism course and even if it wasn't it wouldn't fit into her schedule.

Luckily, Diane's advisor suggests that she take the writing modules that are on the SPLS. These modules will provide her with some guidance on her writing project. Diane can take them on her schedule and wherever she has internet access.

After completing the modules, Diane is able to apply what she learned and is able to complete her projects. Her mentors at the news station are pleased with her final product, her overall writing skills, and her initiative.

In this scenario, Diane has a schedule that fall outside of the traditional school day. The SPLS allows her to access content when and where she needs it.

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