Oct 02, 2017

Lead, Teach, Learn: New Department of Education monthly newsletter

Iowa Social Studies Standards

The IDOE Bureau of Standards and Curriculum will be producing a monthly newsletter for teachers, teacher leaders, and curriculum leaders. The bureau is excited to share the first edition of the newsletter with you. Check it out and click here to subscribe.

The new SS has two anchor standards: Inquiry Anchor Standards and Content Anchor Standards. These should be both be part of the daily social studies student learning and instruction.

The inquiry anchor standards:

  • Constructing compelling questions
  • Constructing supporting questions
  • Gathering and evaluating sources
  • Developing claims and using evidence
  • Communicating and critiquing conclusions
  • Taking informed action

As teachers are starting to implement the new anchor standards, there are resources available to help.

  • Year 1 two-day module for elementary - Dec. 4-5, 2017 and secondary teachers - Oct.10 and Dec. 5, 2017
  • Fifty Teachers attended the DBQ workshop on Sept. 25. www.dbq.com which is structured around the inquiry anchor standards and offers resources for grades 6-12
Additional sites that offer compelling questions, primary/secondary resources for students to engage in both inquiry and content standards are: sheg.stanford.edu and https://www.engageny.org/resource/new-york-state-k...

Access the new Iowa Core Social Studies Standards