Oct 05, 2017

Using ScienceFlix to connect to current events


Looking for transdisciplinary opportunities? Utilize ScienceFlix to help make connections between literacy, science and current events.

With events like the recent hurricanes and forest fires, ScienceFlix enables students to build a deeper understanding about what causes these events, their impact on the environment and the community.

ScienceFlix Biomes

For each topic ScienceFlix provides students the ability to learn through video and text. The “Read It” portion offers a variety of accessibility features for students. Readers can adjust the Lexile level, have the text translated or read aloud and have words defined for them as they are reading.


ScienceFlix also provides the opportunity for students to learn more about this and related topics with the ”Dive Deeper”, “Explore More”, “Related Websites” and “Careers” links. This helps students make real world connections about how these events may have on the communities.

ScienceFlix Extreme Weather

To check for understanding students are able to “Show What You Know” by taking a short quiz and share what they think by discussing some prompts provided in “What Do You Think?”

ScienceFlix Extreme Weather

Take the time to make other cross curricular connections with ScienceFlix provided to educators in Grant Wood AEA. Email Kathleen Goslinga, kgoslinga@gwaea.org, GWAEA media assistant, with questions.

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