Oct 04, 2017

Social Studies Monthly Hot Topics

We heard you! You've asked for resources related to the Constitution and clarification on the State Assessment Requirement for Government. Find your answers in this month's hot topics!

Resources to Teach the Constitution
Here are some resources for teaching about the Constitution.

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State Assessment Requirement for Government

Several people have asked about the government requirement on the State Assessment document that was sent out by Dave Tilly last week.

The government requirement requires districts to ensure high school government teachers are giving an "end of unit" assessment. It doesn't define what this assessment is or should be.

The scores are not sent to the state. It comes from Iowa Code 256.11(5)(b). This is also not related to the bill that was introduced, but didn't pass, last year.

Getting High School Seniors Registered to Vote

Echoes and Reflections: What Rights are Most Important to You?

Hispanic Heritage Month

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