Nov 16, 2017

CultureGrams and The World

Do you often wonder how our culture may influence the world we live in today? CultureGrams can help answer this question and others.

Through the use of CultureGrams students can learn about land, climate, government, economy, health, education, customs, courtesies or lifestyles.

With the recent earthquakes and presidential tours CultureGrams can provide students a current study of both land and economy. The overall disaster can lead to a more in-depth class discussion on future impact.

CultureGrams screen capture of Republic of Iraq

CultureGrams provides students with article (text), photos, video, slideshows and interviews. The text can be read aloud or can be downloaded as an MP3 directly to iTunes. The photos and video provide a visual and auditory representation of surroundings and culture for a more succinct interpretation.

Screen capture of CultureGrams - Republic of Iraq with Read Aloud and Did You Know references

CultureGrams also provides some additional tools whereby students can learn about common foods (recipes), world time, distance calculator and currency converter based on the search.

Screencapture of CultureGrams information for the Republic of Iraq with Infographic, Official Name, Anthem and Additional Tools information

Next time you are discussing a current event in the world consider CultureGrams to learn more and deepen your class discussions. If you have questions regarding CultureGrams or any of the Online Resources, email Kathleen Goslinga, Media Assistant.