Nov 09, 2017

Grant Wood AEA Behavior Professional Development Courses

GWAEA offers a variety of professional learning courses to support student behavior needs

Grant Wood AEA Behavior Professional Development Courses

Are you looking for professional learning opportunities to provide support for student behavior needs? Grant Wood AEA Professional Development offers a variety of professional learning opportunities. Visit the list of 2017-2018 Grant Wood AEA Behavior PD Courses for dates, times and registration information.

Behavior Basics
Are you interested in a foundational course to help you support students with behavioral needs? This course will provide an overview of basic behavior principles and knowledge/tools to assist with implementation of behavior plans.

Collecting Behavioral Data: Progress Monitoring and Goal Writing
Develop your skills in supporting students with behavioral needs by learning more about the dimensions of behavior, methods to measure behavior and monitor progress on IEP goals.

Deeper Learning on the FBA Process and How it Leads to Intervention Planning
If you are responsible for conducting comprehension functional behavior assessments and developing behavior intervention plans for students, this course will provide you with the skills needed to collect behavioral data via indirect and direct assessments, analyze your data and use the data to inform interventions for students.

Advanced Behavioral Assessments: Preference Assessments
Do you need to dive deeper into behavior assessments that can be used to support students with significant behavioral challenges at school? This workshop will explain the five types of preference assessment protocols including Free Operant Preference Assessment, Single Stimulus Preference Assessment, Paired Stimulus Preference Assessment, Multiple Stimulus with Replacement and Multiple Stimulus without Replacement that can be used to collect data and develop intervention plans.

Functional Communication Training for Students with Challenging Behavior and Complex Communication Needs
Functional Communication Training is an evidence-based strategy that you can use to teach a new communicative behavior. If you are working with students with complex communication needs and challenging behavior, this workshop will provide a variety of resources to supporting students in developing more appropriate methods of communication.