Nov 15, 2017

Iowa History

As students dig into Iowa history have them explore one of Iowa’s one-room schools. Sandra Kessler is the host, author and curator of the Iowa Rural Schools Museum of Odebolt.

Several resources were donated to the Grant Wood AEA Media Center and include:

  • Picture of one-room school classroomIowa’s Rural Settlement Shaped by Railroads and a System of Rural Schools” - This book is developed as a three-week supplemental student text for middle and high school students with a complete instructional guide for teachers that is tied to the Iowa Core Standards. There is an instructional unit guide for teachers for the text of Iowa’s Rural Settlement included on CD.
  • A New Look at Iowa One-Room Schools” is a book with printed questions that connect to the Iowa Social Studies Standards. Questions focus, guide and help students reflect on each of the 19 first person historical narratives for journaling or group discussion. The resources also include additional
    material on Iowa history for teachers using this unit.School furnishings early wooden folding chair
This content is available online via OER Commons AEA Learning Online Hub, Student Personalized Learning System, Teacher Training System or direct links to the lessons and more resources can be found here.