Nov 15, 2017

Steve Barkley - Building a Culture of Coaching


How are you building a coaching culture in your community? Steve Barkley believes that there are four tenets to building that culture which include:

  • All teachers deserve coaching
  • Teachers should have a growth plan that allows for feedback
  • The stronger a teacher’s craft the more coaching they should receive
  • Teacher leaders are the first to receive coaching as they strive to build the culture

This year GWAEA’s seminar series’ theme focuses on mindset. The December session features Steve Barkley. He works with schools across the country bringing awareness to:

Steve also hosts the Out Loud Podcast offering his insight on important educational topics. Steve believes “continuous teacher growth is the driving force behind continuous student achievement”.

Grant Wood AEA media center has resources that will help you to build a culture of coaching in your community:

Mark your calendars for upcoming Seminar Series sessions:

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