Nov 30, 2017

Learn with Polygraph on Desmos
(Grades 5-12)

Do you remember the Guess Who? game you played as a child or with children when you were older? Polygraph from Desmos is an electronic learning tool based on that idea. Students are partnered and one asks the other yes/no questions in an attempt to discover the image selected by their partner. As students ask questions about the 16 math images displayed, they use and develop math vocabulary on a particular topic while honing their questioning skills. The teacher has a dashboard on their device to monitor students as they progress. The images available range from functions of all types to geometry to statistics to fractions and numbers. There are many function examples and fewer of the other topics. Each student needs a device to access the internet. If you are looking for a different way to approach vocabulary and/or demonstrating knowledge and have the equipment, this is worth investigating. Want a quick overview? Here is a 7-minute video on Polygraph (you don’t need to know rational functions or vertical asymptotes so don’t worry).

Tags: Math, mathematics
Category: The Linker Math