Nov 16, 2017

Media Center Late Start and Snow Day Procedures

A picture of a snowy lane with trees on both sides.

In the event of a late start or snow day, here are the procedures Grant Wood AEA Media staff will follow regarding the delivery and return of materials.


  • Grant Wood AEA van drivers will make every effort to deliver to schools that have a late start.
  • If they are not able to get into the school and make the delivery, materials will be returned to the GWAEA Media Center.
  • Those materials will be delivered on the next scheduled van date.


  • The due back date for any materials that should have been returned, but were not due to a late start or snow day, will be extended to the next van delivery by GWAEA Media Center staff.
  • It is not necessary to call and request an extension..

For questions or assistance, please contact Kim Novotny at 319-399-6838 or 800-332-8488, Ext. 6838.

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