Nov 16, 2017

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 12/7/17

Are your students working on projects for Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day? This is a wonderful time to pay tribute to those who lost their lives during the attack on U.S. military and naval forces in Hawaii. As your students get immersed in the history of this day, there are some inspiring resources to help you plan for this learning.

Recommended resources from the media center: Attack on Pearl Harbor book cover

  • The Attack on Pearl Harbor by Katherine Krieg
    This book relays factual details of the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 through multiple accounts of the event.

  • Attacked by Loretta Schoor - Presents eight short profiles of major attacks in history including the Boston Massacre, Pearl Harbor, Kent State, Sarajevo, and the Pentagon.
  • A Boy at War: A Novel of Pearl Harbor by Harry Mazer
    Boxed Book multiples Explores a teenaged Adam, fishing with friends on December 7, 1941.

  • The Lost Evidence: Pearl Harbor by School Media Associates
    New photographic evidence and technology, bringing the historic attack to life in a new light.
  • Pearl Harbor: The US Enters World War II by Richard Tames
    Traces the Rise of Japan and the US involvement in WW II after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • The Attack on Pearl Harbor: An Interactive History Adventure by Allison Lassieur The Attack on Pearl Harbor book
    The reader's choices reveal the historical details from the perspective of a Japanese pilot, a U.S. sailor, and an American nurse. Designed for reluctant or struggling readers.

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Other online resources:

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Pearl Harbor poster created in the GWAEA Workcenter

Pair these resources with an activity like the ”Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day” poster. This poster was created with materials from the GWAEA Work Center. If you are interested in finding out more about this poster, contact Jayne Kamberling for more information.