Providing Evidence-Based Educational Programming for Children on the Autism Spectrum

Nov 30, 2017

woman leaning toward children in classroom

April 25, 2018
8:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Providing evidence-based educational programming for children on the autism spectrum relies not only on selecting appropriate strategies, but also an understanding of neurodevelopment. What we determine as the child’s targeted educational objectives should be as important ashow we are providing accommodations.

The lecture will begin with a review of the research in social neuroscience and how this helps us understand how children acquire the foundations of social and emotional competence before they are talking, at emerging language stages, and at the conversational level. Participants will learn how neurodevelopmental differences need to be considered when implementing evidence-based practices and how the SCERTS assessment framework can be used to generate educational objectives that are predictive of developmental shifts toward social emotional competence.

PreK-12 Teachers, Consultants, OT/PT, Psychologists, Early Childhood, Speech Language Pathologists, Social Workers, Parents, Administrators, Counselors, Paraeducators, Special Education Teachers

Emily Rubin MS, CCC-SLP


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