Dec 11, 2017

Leading the Learning; Enhancing Math Learning K-5

Are you looking for ways to identify instructional strategies that will lead to a deeper understanding of the following?

  • Math skills and concepts
  • Ideas for leading math learning
  • Analyzing work samples to identify strengths
  • Needs and instructional steps
  • Supporting school-wide math programming

Susan O’Connell, an expert in talking and writing about math, math problem solving, differentiation, and coaching, will be at Grant Wood AEA on Dec. 14, 2017, Leading the Learning: Enhancing Math Teaching K-5. She is the lead author of “Math in Practice,” a new grade-by-grade K-5 professional learning resource.

Three mathematics resources found in the GWAEA Media Center: Math Practice - A Guide for Administrators, Math Practice - A Guide for Teachers, Putting the Practices in Action.

Susan states, “A deep understanding of the Standards for Mathematical Practice changes our teaching focus. Math is more than content to be memorized!” (Taken from a tweet @SueOcconnellMath).

The Grant Wood AEA Media Center has several resources by O’Connell to help enhance math learning:

  • A Guide for Administrators - The Math in Practice series supports teachers, administrators, and entire school communities as they rethink the teaching of mathematics in grades K-5.
  • Putting the Practices Into Action: Implementing the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice, K-8 - Discusses the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice and provides practical ideas and activities to integrate into existing math programs.
  • Math In Practice Series - This math resource helps teachers identify ways to develop deeper content. Instead of focusing on sequencing of lessons, each of the 15 modules in this fifth-grade math pack begins with an exploration of foundational mathematical ideas and contains ideas for lessons, formative assessments, and questions.

Connect with Susan O’Connell on Twitter @SueOcconnellMath.

For more resources contact Deanna Weber, GWAEA media specialist.

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