Dec 12, 2017

Leveraging Librarian Leadership to Build for the Future

Photo of presenter Stony Evans
It’s still not too late to sign up for Leveraging Librarian Leadership to Build the Future. This free workshop will take place on Monday, January 29 from
8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Grant Wood AEA’s Sixth Street Facility.

As part of the special event, GWAEA Teacher Librarians Lynn Kleinmeyer and Deanna Weber are pleased to introduce keynote speaker Stony Evans. Stony is a Teacher Librarian at Lakeside High School in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where he has worked to ensure that his library is the hub of activity in his school. Stony works tirelessly to advocate for the profession, not only for other Teacher Librarians, but for the students and staff they serve. Stony has written for several publications, including a regular column in School Library Connection, and chronicles his library’s stories on his blog Library Media Tech Talk.

A Future Ready Librarian As part of the day’s learning, workshop participants will explore the Future Ready and AASL standards frameworks as they relate to their current library practices and programs. Participants will identify and explore practices they can apply to their library programs and will set goals related to new learning.The workshop will also provide Teacher Librarians an opportunity to learn with and from each other.

Be sure to check out more specific workshop information here: Leveraging Librarian Leadership S’More. Workshop registration can be found here: Leveraging Librarian Leadership Workshop Registration.

Don’t forget to check out the Grant Wood Librarians hashtag (#gwaealibs) for more information!