Jan 18, 2018

Resource ideas to celebrate
Martin Luther King, Jr.

As we honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. this month, help your students to learn about why we celebrate this day as a national holiday. Here are 10 resource ideas to integrate into your lesson planning.

  • BookFlix story of Martin Luther King, Jr. - Grades K-3
    • Guide students through comparing and contrasting the information from the video Coretta Scott with the information that they learned from the nonfiction text, Martin Luther King, Jr. and at least one of the other sources that they used for their research project. Guiding questions:
      • What information did you learn from more than one source?
      • What was the author’s purpose for each different source? What evidence from the text or video suggests that purpose?
    • Consider having students record their ideas on a Venn diagram or table matrix.

Choose from:

    • Martin Luther King, Jr.'s nonviolence
    • Civil Rights Act
    • Voting Rights Act
    • Miranda rights
    • Students dig deeper into one of the topics above using Gale online encyclopedia
  • Racial Discrimination from SIRS Researcher - 9-12th grade
    • Choose a viewpoint for debate class.
    • Use the critical thinking, timeline, and research guide to expand your learning and form your opinion on the topic for debating.
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. from MackinVIA - Grades 7-9
    • Have your students use the read aloud, note-taking and highlighting features to take notes. Use the citation feature to cite sources and give credit to the resource that they are using. Copy and paste or download notes into google drive.
  • The Watsons Go to Birmingham by Christopher Paul Curtis - Grades 5-9
    • Boxed book multiples with a teacher guide from Grant Wood AEA boxed book collection. Use this as a whole group read with your class. Use the guide included for classroom discussions and ideas related to the story. Learn about a dark time in history through the story of the Watsons.
  • The Civil Rights Movement from commonlit.org - Grades 5-12
    • Choose from one of the topics and pair the guided question assessment and discussion with the reading.
  • Media Constructions of Martin Luther King, Jr. from Project Look Sharp - Grades 6-8
    • Use the media chronology link to access:
      • Lesson plan
      • Teachers guide
      • Chronology slidedeck
      • Student reading passage
      • Student chronology handout
      • Video clips
      • Supplemental resources
  • The Turbulent 1960s from Curriculum Pathways portal - Grades 6-12
    • Resources from the link above will guide you through the creation of a project from the Civil Rights era.

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