Feb 12, 2018

Statewide and Local Social Studies Learning Available

Iowa Core Social Studies and Global Studies

Iowa Core Social Studies and Global Studies professional development is planned at Grant Wood AEA, April 18, May 1, and May 4.

These learning sessions will focus on the rationale for global studies standards, content standards, instructional practices, resources, and assessment practices related to global studies standards in Iowa Core Social Studies Standards.

Participants will:

  • explore and design interactive instructional practices that includes student-centered learning with digital learning embedded with the instruction,
  • identify and develop resources to support the global studies standards,
  • design student assessment practices aligned to the learning targets,
  • engage in collaborative conversations and work teams to produce/identify resources, instructional practices and design a process to assess student learning.

Each work team will share their achievements with other class participants.

The presenters include:
April 18 - Dr. Jason Harshman, assistant professor, The University of Iowa, international expert on Contemporary Global Issues
May 1 - Two global studies immersion experiences with HS and MS classroom teachers:
Sean Neilly, AP World History at Kennedy High School, Cedar Rapids Community and K-12 SS curriculum facilitator, and Jake Wager, a 7th grade teacher from Des Moines.
May 4 - Collaboration time will be available to continue creating a unit of study and a recertification opportunity.

The target audience is middle and high school social studies teachers and instructional coaches. To register, visit Grant Wood AEA Professional Development and Course number 4934-17-01.

Geography Alliance of Iowa
Summer 2017 Workshops Now Enrolling

Geographic Alliance of Iowa

Lead educators will be teaching/co-teaching these workshops at the reduced rate of $75 per UNI credit hour (graduate or undergraduate GEOG credit).

Nearly all of these summer workshops will be aligned with the anticipated new Iowa Core Social Studies Standards. In all of these annually offered PD, one instructor is receiving additional financial and academic support to integrate the likely new standards.

Visit the Geographic Alliance of Iowa website for information and to register.