Sep 26, 2018

Evidence Based Practices in Autism

Magnifying glass with the word Research

Manual: Evidence-Based Practices in the Schools - 2nd Edition: An Educator’s Guide to Providing Appropriate Interventions to Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder - from The National Autism Center


New to autism spectrum disorders in the schools and unsure of where to start? Did you know a Google search of “autism spectrum disorders school” comes up with 41.8 million sites in .58 seconds? Not all of these sources are reliable or reputable and it can certainly be overwhelming for educators! We will be posting reviewed resources to help make sure you have access to quality, research-based information and resources to help your students’ success.

The National Autism Center has this FREE handbook available if you would like more information about what autism spectrum disorders (ASD) look like in the school setting and what strategies are considered evidence-based practices.

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