Sep 07, 2018

New Digital Portable Planetarium

Coming to Grant Wood AEA Fall 2018

A graphic of the earth from space.

A planetarium helps students grasp abstract astronomical concepts and can spark engagement and interest in science.

Imagine having your own easy to use, full-featured planetarium at your disposal. A new portable dome and digital projector will be added to the Grant Wood AEA Media Center later this fall.

With this new digital projection system, K-12 classrooms can:

  • Simulate the sky from any point on Earth or from other planets and moons.
  • Move forward or backward in time at varying speeds.
  • Simulate the solar system over a two million year time range.

A planetarium is a scientific model or representation of a system or a phenomenon. We use this model in our classrooms to generate predictions, construct explanations or pose new questions.

The VAST Center will offer a new professional development session later this fall for teachers who are interested in using this in their classroom.

For information, contact Christopher Soldat, GWAEA curriculum consultant - science.

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