Sep 28, 2018

Online Finds from the GWAEA Math Team: Effective Mathematics Learning and Teaching Resources for Elementary

Students and teacher share math learning at their desk.Elementary teachers often balance a full class roster and a planner full of curriculum while striving to incorporate the best practices into their days.

The GWAEA math team found these online articles and resources that can shed great insight and ignite energy into elementary mathematics classrooms:

  • "Nine “Look Fors” in the Elementary Math Classroom:" This article from The Heinemann Blog highlights nine elements of engaged student learning in mathematics. We thought this was a good summary and a nice way of reminding all of us how to bring mathematics to life for younger students.
  • "Big Ideas of Early Mathematics:" The Erikson Institute in Chicago, Illinois has outlined nine big ideas in early math learning that are the key concepts young learners should explore between the ages of 3 years and 6 years. They believe these concepts create a solid foundation for mathematics.
  • Zoomable Number Line: Number lines and number paths are powerful tools to use in mathematics. This online number line tool may be useful in creating a visual representation of number sequence and magnitude.

And as an added bonus, check out this resource. In his Math for Love blog, “Math Game Short List 2018 (August, 2018)” Dan Finkel highlights, “games that offer rich mathematical experiences” like Blokus.

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