Sep 28, 2018

Suggestions for Math Screeners and Interventions

Teacher and student writing math equation on the wall board.

Teachers may be left wondering how to screen for students are struggling with mathematics, and then considering which interventions may be appropriate for those students who need additional assistance.

The Grant Wood AEA mathematics team sifted through some of the available resources to help teachers connect with the ones that are right for their students.


Grades K-5 Resources

Kathy Richardson's Assessing Math Concepts ** and Nancy Jordan's Number Sense Screener** are both math screeners with interventions and are available through the GWAEA Media Center.

FAST, the Delaware Universal Screening Tool for Number Sense** and the BVSD Universal Math Screener provide math screeners, but they do not have interventions tied to the screener. FAST is available through a district subscription, and your GWAEA math consultant can connect you with the Delaware and BVSD resources.

Do the Math** is an intervention without a screener and is available through the GWAEA Media Center

Bridges Intervention from the Math Learning Center offers an intervention without a screener and is available for review through your GWAEA math consultant. The Bridges Intervention also has its own progress monitoring tools included in the materials. Please note that this is only available for review, not checkout, at this time

Grades 6-12 Resources

Do the Math Now! is just like Do the Math but designed for grades 6-12. This also is an intervention tool that does not include a screener, and is available for checkout through the GWAEA Media Center. (Please note that Do the Math Now! won't be available until late October.)

Hands On Equations - This supplemental program is available through the GWAEA Media Center and can be used as an intervention to build a foundation for algebra. It does not contain a screener, but does have many sequential lessons to help build understanding of algebraic concepts.

The Algebra Progress Monitoring Tool (AAIMS) and the Math Reasoning Inventory are both math screeners without interventions tied to the screener,

**Additionally, your GWAEA math consultants have created progress monitoring probes for the Kathy Richardson materials, the Nancy Jordan materials, Do the Math and the Delaware Universal Screening Tool. Reach out to your math consultants if you are interested in requesting training for using these probes with your students.

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