Sep 26, 2018

Video Learning for Educators

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Video: Paula Kluth Vlog - Off the Page #9: Checklists

Have you heard of Paula Kluth? She is a FANTASTIC national/international speaker and author of books related to engaging students with disabilities, including students with ASD, in inclusive classroom environments.

Dr. Kluth has created this great 5-minute video on ideas for using checklists to support student engagement and participation in inclusive classrooms. We know from brain studies, that the neurology of autism can make it difficult for these learners to inference from any given context - to understand what they should do.

Checklists can help make the ‘invisible details’ very clear for our learners with ASD (as well as help task initiation for learners with ADHD, help decrease stress for students with anxiety, and support students with other learning challenges as well!).

The book referenced in the video by Paula Kluth is available for check-out in our GWAEA Media Center - "You’re Going to Love This Kid!: Teaching Students with Autism in the Inclusive Classroom."

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