Dec 10, 2018

Enhancing Classroom Instruction with Free Math Web Resources

Student and teacher completing math problems

Online math games and sites focused on grade level problem-solving are great resources to help support learning with groups of kids while teachers are working with an intervention group. There are a variety of tools out there that work on basic facts, include real world contexts into your math curriculum, and are other ways to engage your students. Take a look at some of our favorites:

  • Three-Act Tasks are an engaging way to include real world contexts into your math curriculum. Dan Meyer has a Google Sheet filled with tasks for grades 6-12. Graham Fletcher has great ideas to use in grades K-5 and Robert Kaplinksy has fun things to try for grades K-12. The Three-Act Tasks within these resources are categorized by standards and / or grade levels. They are a fun way to introduce, teach, or review a concept.
  • Have you ever seen Open Middle? This resource is filled with challenging problems for all grade levels.
  • Achieve the Core is a website designed to support the Common Core. You will find many resources including a Focus by Grade Level and a Coherence Map that may be useful when your teams are looking at priority standards and back mapping skills for interventions.
  • Prime Climb is a fun board game that helps students become fluent with basic facts while introducing the idea of prime numbers.

For parents or teachers!

  • Parents of very small children often wonder what they can do to give their child’s learning a boost. Even though this site is called Zero to Three, it gives some solid ideas that help preschoolers and kindergartners explore ideas in mathematics in their everyday world along with the mathematics behind the activities. This resource could be pushed out to parents or used in your classroom!

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