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GWAEA - Grant Wood AEA Van Allen Science Teaching Center 2018 Summer Repack
7,000 totes! This is the number of science curriculum units that GWAEA's Van Allen Science Teaching Center (VAST) staff repacked this summer for school districts.

GWAEA - Expanding Expressive Language Workshop
This simple multi-sensory program will boost oral and written language expression using a hands-on, structured approach to describing and defining.

GWAEA - Teacher Leadership and Compensation (TLC) Professional Learning
These training sessions are offered by Iowa’s Area Education Agencies; Iowa educators and administrators are welcome to attend in any of these locations.

GWAEA - Substitute Authorization Class
This course is designed to meet the requirements for the Substitute Authorization

GWAEA - Trauma, Shock, Grief and Learning for Refugees and Immigrants
This workshop will focus on the symptoms of culture shock, indicators for traumatic stress and extreme grief, plus classroom manifestations of trauma and stress.

GWAEA - Peers Join In: Improving Social Communication Outcomes for Children with ASD
Dr. Thiemann-Bourque will describe evidence-based approaches to increase children’s social communication competencies with peers in inclusive environments.

GWAEA - The 8 Essential Elements of Daily 5
Teach students a routine centered on choice and independence.

GWAEA - Evaluator Approval Level III: Fierce Conversations
Sept. 19, Oct. 29, Dec. 4, 2018 and Jan. 24, 2019

GWAEA - MackinVIA: Curriculum Integration Course
As you plan your summer schedule, consider signing up for the MackinVIA Curriculum Integration course.

GWAEA - The “Top 10” Professional Reading List for Educators - 2018
Resources available through the Grant Wood AEA Media Center.