Mar 22, 2019

College and Career Readiness resources in the Grant Wood AEA Media Centercollegeandcareer.jpg

The Grant Wood AEA Media Center offers a variety of college and career readiness resources to support student achievement.

Visit the links below to learn more or contact Dianna Geers, GWAEA media specialist,

Academic moves for college and career readiness, grades 6-12 : 15 must-have skills every student needs to achieve
Presents lesson plans, assignments, and activities to teach 15 critical reading, writing, and thinking processes.


Breaking with tradition : the shift to competency-based learning in PLCs at work
Presents K-12 administrators, school leaders, and teacher leaders with a new model of learning, which replaces traditional, ineffective school systems with a competency-based model that sets learning at the center of schooling and supports teachers to foster an environment that is both personalized and student centered. Using this model to modernize curricular, instructional, and assessment frameworks, educators can improve student engagement in and ownership of learning, leading to greater college and career readiness.


Collective efficacy : how educators' beliefs impact student learning

Collective efficacy (CE) is the belief that, through collective actions, educators can influence student outcomes and increase achievement. Donohoo argues that educators with high efficacy show greater effort and persistence, willingness to try new teaching approaches, and attend more closely to struggling students' needs. This book presents practical strategies and tools for increasing student achievement by sharing: rationale and sources for establishing CE, conditions and leadership practices for CE to flourish, and professional learning structures/protocols.


Differentiating instruction : planning for universal design and teaching for college and career readiness

This updated edition gives both new and experienced teachers tools to meet the needs of all students. It explains how Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can help adjust a typical curriculum to multiple learning styles for students. Also new are ties to the Common Core, technology references and resources, and stronger connections to RTI


Engaging minds in social studies classrooms : the surprising power of joy

Explains how to integrate the joyful learning approach with social studies standards, including the Common Core, the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies, and the college, career, and civil life framework.




The Future-ready challenge : improve student outcomes in 18 weeks

Provides strategies for integrating content areas to improve student outcomes based on digital age skills and future-minded progress.





Grit in the classroom : building perseverance for excellence in today's students

Assists educators in creating a learning environment that fosters grit development for all students, regardless of ability.





How to personalize learning : a practical guide for getting started and going deeper

This practical follow-up to Bray and McClaskey's first book brings theory to practice. Discover how to build a shared vision that supports personalized learning using the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework. Also included are: tools and templates to get started and go deeper; lesson and project examples that show how teachers can change instructional practice; and links to electronic versions of tools, templates, activities, and checklists.



It's not about grit : trauma, inequity, and the power of transformative teaching

"It's Not About Grit" pulls back the veil, revealing the social systems that marginalize and stigmatize mostly poor, urban students of color and their communities. Steve Goodman shows the tremendous intelligence, resilience, and sense of agency of these students. Through the students' experiences, enhanced with curriculum guides and award-winning video clips from the Educational Video Center (EVC), this book demonstrates how to create a safe and inclusive school climate that responds to students' culture, race, gender, sexual orientation, language, housing status and ability.





The Power and promise of pathways : how to prepare all American students for career and life success

This book offers educators and community leaders a comprehensive look at pathways from the early planning stage to full implementation. Topics are presented with current research and best practice examples such as: defining career and life readiness; building a career development model; creating dynamic pathway programs; and collaborating meaningfully with employer and community organizations, and across education and workforce partners.




Questioning for classroom discussion : purposeful speaking, engaged listening, deep thinking

Questioning and discussion are important components of classroom instruction that work in tandem to push learning forward and move students from passive participants to active meaning-makers. Argues that the skills students develop through questioning and discussion are critical to academic achievement, career success, and active citizenship in a democratic society. They also have great potential to engage students at the highest levels of thinking and learning.