May 13, 2019

GAAD Series - It's as Easy as ABC

Global Accessibility Awareness Day is Thursday, May 16. The purpose of GAAD is to get people talking about designing online content and interactions that are accessible to a broad range of abilities.


Grant Wood Area Education Agency is a visible partner with school districts and entities across the state of Iowa. We support teachers, administrators, students, and families. We also broadly share our curated and created materials and information.

As an AEA, we are launching a new initiative to help ensure the content created and shared by agency staff meets basic standards related to copyright law, branding, and accessibility. We’re calling it “A-B-C,” and the focus is on accessibility, branding and content creation and curation. Check out the A-B-C introduction video:




As an agency, we have committed the next year to helping GWAEA staff understand their role in this work. Through a series of training sessions scheduled this fall and through 2020, staff will learn that:


  • Providing materials that meet established accessibility guidelines is an expectation of a special education organization, and we have to model best practice.
  • Honoring copyright and usage rights, attributing references when citing, and protecting our intellectual property with creative commons licensing will protect our employees and our colleagues.
  • Agency branded materials allows staff to work from templates that not only meet brand standards, but also are developed with accessibility and content creation and curation in mind.

As we look toward Global Accessibility Awareness Day, our A-B-C rollout supports those critical concepts behind GAAD. By bringing awareness, and hopefully new skills to support increased accessibility to content designed online, we can share our information with the broadest audience possible. As this work moves forward, our staff will be provided with resources and supports. A preview of the concepts behind those resources will be the focus of tomorrow's blog post, "Designing with P-O-U-R." Stay tuned.


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