May 21, 2019

Grant Wood AEA Social Studies Team Announces New Resource

The Grant Wood AEA Social Studies team is excited to announce the creation of a free open-enrollment Canvas course* to assist educators in reviewing, exploring and implementing the new Iowa Social Studies Core Standards.
The creation of this Canvas course is a means of supporting those educators who have been unable to participate in the two-day state workshops, as well as a means to support and connect educators who are working through the implementation process. 

Highlights of the GWAEA Canvas Social Studies Course :

Personalized Navigation: Individual modules in any sequence depending on the needs of the individual or group.

Interactive Components: The course includes discussion opportunities for participants to ask questions (to fellow educators and to the GWAEA Social Studies team members).

Sharing Opportunities: The course also has provisions for sharing units and lessons. We often have requests for what are other districts doing, can we see examples used in the classroom, what resources are being used. The two choices do share many common ideas and links.

Additional Resources: In addition to the content being shared in regards to navigating and implementing the standards, there are a variety of resources shared within the course to support a deepened understanding of unpacking standards, creating proficiency scales and navigation usage rights, as well as links to resources to use with students.

Enrollment in Canvas Course

This course has enabled open enrollment. Please note -this Canvas course is not a graded course and is not being offered for re-licensure or graduate credit.

Additional Social Studies Learning Resource

In addition to this Canvas Course, Iowa AEA PD Online also offers courses for elementary and secondary social studies. While there may be similarity in some content, there are similarities and different purposes for selecting the canvas course and/or the AEA PD Online. The state online course is a video recording of Year 1 Iowa State modules to introduce the new standards. Each course, K-5 or 6-12, is a linear progression for individual learning and feature components shared by two leading state classroom practitioners: Kim Heckart (elementary) and Dominic Iannone (secondary). Year 2 video-recorded modules should be online late this summer or early fall.

Support for Enrollment

For any further questions about enrollment in this course, please contact one of the Grant Wood AEA Social Studies team members:
Carol Cassells (
Andrea Compton (
Lynn Kleinmeyer (
Chris Klostermann (
Dawn Kruse (
Keith Stamp (