May 03, 2019

Schools honored for creating safe, positive environments


The Iowa Department of Education has awarded schools statewide for their work implementing Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). PBIS is a multi-tiered system of support for behavior and provides the framework for teachers to provide and monitor prevention and intervention practices.

The schools' work in PBIS focuses on conditions to support learning by providing positive, predictable and safe environments. If done effectively, PBIS has been shown to reduce major disciplinary infractions, reduce out-of-school suspension, improve prosocial behavior, improve academic achievement and improve school climate.

Iowa School PBIS Recognition

The schools in the Grant Wood AEA service area recognized for the different levels include:

Paramount recognition includes those school-based teams who have completed Tier 3 training, are sustaining Tiers 1 and 2, and are building a continuum of support. Schools awarded have a team that builds and implements Tier 3 behavior support plans for those students needing intensive supports.

Center Point-Urbana CSD

  • Center Point-Urbana Primary

Mid-Prairie CSD

  • Mid-Prairie West Elementary

To earn Banner Plus, teams have met fidelity for Tier 2, are providing more than one Tier 2 intervention to meet students’ needs; and through progress monitoring, are able to show that 70 percent of students are responding positively to Tier 2 supports. Banner Plus schools are beginning to develop Tier 3 systems.

Center Point-Urbana CSD

  • Center Point-Urbana Intermediate,
  • Center Point-Urbana Middle,

Kelly Donlon
Center Point-Urbana Schools

Lisbon CSD

  • Lisbon Elementary

Ashley Resor, Jannette Smock Jane Feldman
Lisbon Elementary

Banner schools are sustaining universal systems and practices. Students are accessing interventions such as Check in/Check out and 50 percent are responding positively to the support. The Tier 2 team engages families and staff; and uses a daily progress report to progress monitor student response to additional supports.

Anamosa CSD

  • Strawberry Hill Elementary

College Community

  • Prairie Hill Elementary
  • Prairie Ridge Elementary

Iowa City CSD

  • Elizabeth Tate High School

Midland CSD

  • Midland Middle/High Schools

Rachel Manternach and Ernest Cox
College Community -  Prairie Ridge Elementary


Monticello CSD

  • Monticello High School

Carmen Stenger and Rebecca Dewitte
Monticello High School


Schools that earn the Honor level award have rolled out their PBIS plan to students, staff and families. They have identified and taught behavioral expectations and implemented systems to develop a consistent response to appropriate and problem behaviors. The building team meets regularly and is using data to inform decisions.

Lisbon CSD

  • Lisbon Middle School

Springville CSD

  • Springville Secondary School

Eric Ries and Jane Feldman, and Amelia Kibbie
Lisbon Middle School


For information about Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), contact Grant Wood Area Education Agency, 319-399-6700.


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