May 16, 2019

Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Training

In response to Iowa’s new requirement that school districts provide at least one hour of annual training on suicide prevention, intervention and postvention, the AEA Directors of Special Education and AEA Learning Online have developed training that meets the state’s training requirements. Information about AEA Learning Online’s Postvention Training and a link to additional training options are also noted below.

AEA Learning Online Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Training

The AEA Learning Online Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Training was developed by an Iowa AEA Suicide Prevention work group to support school districts in meeting the suicide prevention and postvention required training. This training is provided at no cost to districts.

Training Objectives

  • Increase awareness of the problem of youth suicide
  • Know the suicide warning signs, and risk and protective factors
  • Understand the role of a “Gatekeeper”
  • Locate school and/or community resources for at-risk students and their families
  • Understand the role of postvention
  • Know school district suicide prevention and postvention policy and/or contact person

School staff may use their AEA login to access the training. Individuals may register in the AEA online system if they do not have an existing account.

For information and assistance with customizing the module for your district or questions about system functionality, contact Rob Brookhart at or (515) 270-9030. For information about module content, contact David VanHorn at or 712-366-0503.


AEA Learning Online Postvention-only Training

The AEA Learning Online Postvention Training module was developed to support school districts in meeting the suicide postvention training content requirement. This is a postvention-only training module that is intended to be used with other training opportunities that do not include postvention, such as Kognito or Lifeguard training. Including this postvention-only module with such training opportunities would help ensure a district meets Iowa’s full suicide prevention and postvention training requirements. The online postvention training is offered at no cost to Iowa school districts and AEA staff.


Additional Training Options

This is an overview of additional training options that provide the required suicide prevention and postvention content.


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