May 10, 2019

What's new on FOSSweb?

The following additions/changes have been made to FOSSweb Next Generation modules/courses over the past few months.

  • Interactive eInvestigations Guides:
    2018-2019 copyright added
  • Word Wall Cards: These resources have been added, both English and Spanish.
  • Assessment Coding Guides: Spanish version added, grades 3-8. Coding guide remains in English, but the answers typically blue are now in Spanish.
  • Teaching Slides: PPT-compatible resources developed. The grades K-5 resources are editable. (grades K-5)
    • 2015 resources, grades 1-5. These resources are also interactive.
    • 2018 resources, grade K. These resources are interactive.
    • 2018 resources, grades 2-5. These resources are NOT interactive yet. Limited images in resources as well.
    • 2018 resources, grades 1. Still being developed.
  • Tutorials and Virtual Investigations (grades 3-5): These resources must now be assigned to students by the teacher before students can access. This is to prevent student access prior to students having active investigation experiences with the materials in class first.
  • Image Galleries: Some modules have new content. We hope to be able to add image galleries to all modules over time.
  • And, of course, teachers should periodically access the Important Module Updates and Module Teaching Notes links in case content is added.

If you need a Next Gen Edition access code for your unit, please email the Grant Wood AEA Van Allen Science Teaching Center (VAST) at




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