Sep 06, 2019



From the desk of ...

by Anna Upah, Director of Curriculum and Instructional ServicesAnnaUpahBenton.png
Benton Community

BookFLIX has become a go-to-resource for students at Benton Community's elementary schools. Each day, we are aiming to make positive impacts on the students we serve. Our impact can grow when we support families in supporting their students.

One way that we've done this at Benton is by ensuring families know and are able to access resources at home. One of the resources our teachers, students, and families access regularly is BookFLIX. BookFLIX is easy to use, no matter the device and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. The variety of texts available within BookFLIX and the way in which the stories are animated makes it engaging for students across age groups.

We have a district goal in the area of reading comprehension. Resources like BookFLIX are tools that will help us ensure that 100 percent of our students are making a year's growth in the area of reading.