Sep 30, 2019

Digital Citizenship Week
Oct. 18-25, 2019


Digital Citizenship Week exists in order to shine a spotlight on the importance of educating learners on how to be safe, responsible, and informed humans in this digital world. Many associate digital citizenship with internet safety and cyberbullying, but there is so much more. 

The term digital citizenship includes:
    •    online safety
    •    positive behavior online
    •    copyright 
    •    ethical use of information 
    •    information literacy 
    •    media literacy

Understanding and practicing positive digital citizenship allows people the ability to think critically, behave safely, positively contribute, and participate responsibly in a digital world.

Student using a laptop computer in the park.

Looking for #DigCitWeek activities?

Common Sense Media has created video playlists and discussion questions to help kick off the commitment to digital citizenship:

Do you want to learn more about digital citizenship? 
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Professional Books for educators:

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