Sep 17, 2019

Elementary Math Project Student and teacher learning in the classroom

For the past several years, GWAEA math consultants have been using the Elementary Math Project as a vehicle to teach teachers about instructional practices in the mathematics classroom. During the first year, teachers learn about six instructional routines that promote the standards for mathematical practice in the classroom developing student discourse and reasoning skills. These instructional strategies are: Which One Doesn’t Belong, Quick Images, Counting Routines, Mental Math, True/ False Equations and Number Strings. As the teachers learn about the routines, they also learn how to create better student engagement by using Talk Moves.

The second year of the Elementary Math Project focuses on the progression of the standards in counting and cardinality, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and place value. While the progressions of the standards are emphasized, the teachers also learn how to listen to their students’ reasoning and use that knowledge to develop Number Talks to drive instruction.

The unique part about the Math Project is that the consultants bring professional development to the districts through a job-embedded approach.  Each cycle consists of inservices, math labs and/or classroom observations based on the instructional routines and district needs. This has been a positive approach to learning since there is continued support as teachers practice new techniques and strategies.

“Thank you so much for the valuable lessons and modeling of math in our classrooms. I have taught for a number of years but I am gaining so many strategies in working with my children in math. The combination of large group meetings, grade-level meetings, modeling and delivering lessons in our own classrooms and debriefing time has really made an impact on my ability to grow as a math teacher in Kindergarten. I also love that a lot of the strategies can be used throughout the day in other academic areas.” (Quote from Hoover Elementary teacher in West Branch, Iowa.)

If your school is interested in the Elementary Math Project, contact your math consultant or Grant Wood AEA regional administrator for more information.

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