Sep 06, 2019

Grant Wood AEA's Digitarium

A photo of the EarthThe Digitarium is a portable planetarium that utilizes specialized software to produce digital images of the sky.

With this new digital projection system, K-12 classrooms can:

·       - Simulate the sky from any point on Earth or from other planets and moons.

·       - Move forward or backward in time at varying speeds.

·       - Simulate the solar system over a two million year time range.

Teachers from schools in the GWAEA service area have utilized the Digitarium in elementary and middle school classrooms this year.  Students have used it with extended learning classes, as well as science classes. Students used the planetarium as part of the VAST Center’s 5th grade Earth and Sun, as well as the 7th grade Planetary Science curricula.

Teachers are required to attend a professional learning workshop in order to be able to check out the planetarium from Grant Wood AEA’s Media Center. For information, contact Christopher Soldat, GWAEA science consultant.

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