Oct 08, 2019

NBC Learn: Beyond the Headlines


What is the most popular video on NBC Learn? It’s a four-minute video from the site’s Science of NFL collection that explains the Pythagorean Theorem using football running plays.

NBC Learn is an online video library that has news archives dating back to the 1920's. The video, which features former NFL linebacker Hardy Nickerson discussing the role of angles in defensive coverage, is one of more than 500 videos on the site made specifically for classroom use.

NBC Learn’s mission is to “engage, inspire, and educate” students with the power of great stories. The site’s creators seek to do so with rich video content that helps bridge the gap between the classroom and the real world.

NBC Learn

Videos that explain the chemistry of cheeseburgers, the physics of a golf swing, or the biomechanics of Usain Bolt are just some of the resources you’ll find within NBC Learn’s collection of more than 23,000 videos, documents and images. You’ll also find current events coverage that is updated daily. News archives depict landmark events of the 20th century as they unfolded.

In addition to covering a broad array of subject areas, videos on the site come from a variety of features that make it easy to integrate into existing lessons, including full transcripts and lesson plans. In the past year, NBC Learn has also partnered with Newsela to provide links from NBC Learn videos related to informational texts on Newsela, making it easier for teachers to build out a complete activity. Teachers also have the capability to search NBC Learn by state standard to better align curriculum or unit of study.

From unique made for the classroom videos to the headlines of today and yesterday, videos from NBC Learn are a great way to increase student engagement across the curriculum.

NBC Learn is one of the Grant Wood AEA Online Resources available 24/7 to teachers and students.